Sesors status delay after restart Zigbee2MQTT | Moved from Debian to VMware Workstation Pro

I just moved my HA from one computer older desktop to a small mini PC. I use Windows 11 with VMware Workstation Pro and made a full backup/recovery to transfer my existing HA.

After restart all my sensor used to have the same status as before the restart, now they become unavailable/unknown for a short time and then obtain new status. However, 2 of my sensors take additional 30+ seconds to do that AFTER HA says it has loaded. That was not the case on the older PC.

I have tried to restart and reboot the VMware, the host system, the sensors, I powered down everything and even removed and added them, nothing fixes the issue.
I have recorder small video to illustrate that.

Can someone explain me why the last 2 sensors are so slow to update status. Livingroom, Diningroom and Kitchen are the same sensors. Bedroom is different but still they used to ALL update immediately, no lag or delay like now.