Set_cover_position on IKEA FYRTUR

I have 2 IKEA FYRTUR covers and I try to set at position, but it seems that this is not supported by zha?

This is my automation:

id: '1659724049089'
alias: 'BRYTER: Senga morgen'
description: ''
  - device_id: e1253a24ae9bc122f2ab91abc9b0086b
    domain: zha
    platform: device
    type: remote_button_short_press
    subtype: open
condition: []
  - type: turn_on
    device_id: 9db82eb6a3d8fd30482f6227d14c3f85
    entity_id: light.nattbord_light
    domain: light
    brightness_pct: 40
  - type: turn_on
    device_id: 16056ef9c7c4e7432db131451b8b3014
    entity_id: light.nattbord_peder_light_2
    domain: light
    brightness_pct: 40
  - type: turn_on
    device_id: 23e6108cae443d8f2bbdefdd6ad77b66
    entity_id: light.taklampe_soverom_light
    domain: light
    brightness_pct: 40
  - service: cover.set_cover_position
      position: 20
        - cover.persienne_soverom_cover
  - delay:
      hours: 0
      minutes: 5
      seconds: 0
      milliseconds: 0
  - service: light.turn_off
    data: {}
      area_id: soverom
  - service: cover.set_cover_position
      position: 80
        - 7d6d8f71358b0f1374c98a374d459fb8
        - d4c51549a3af890b2fd1891a26c2b703
mode: single

Feedback from traceline:

Call service cover.set_cover_position on entities cover.persienne_soverom_cover
Stopped because an error was encountered at August 19, 2022 at 8:32:10 PM (runtime: 0.40 seconds)

Entity cover.persienne_soverom_cover does not support this service.

Anyone else using IKEA FYRTUR and have some tips?


I use scenes to set my FYRTUR blinds to specific positions as a group. Once you have saved the blind to any scene you can manually edit the position in the scene in YAML. I find this is more smooth for multiple blind control, but it should work the same for 1 device as well.

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