Setting Android phone to Do not disturb mode from HA?

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Hey, I’m pretty new to Home Assistant and I would like to activate Do not disturb mode on my Android phone (where I installed the companion app). Reading Do not disturb state is definitively possible but can it be changed from HA?

I would like to add it to my Good night/Good morning routine. I tried doing this directly with Alexa but I’m afraid Alexa only can change Echo devices.

The app can’t do this, but with Tasker it’s probably doable.

Definitely doable with Tasker. It would be in the Audio action category when creating the Task. I use Tasker to turn on and off my Sleep Tracker (Sleep with Android) with my Goodnight Routine every night. Could easily add DND to that Task if I wanted.

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I see this get asked about a lot, it seems like toggling DND is a very popular command compared to anything else on an android device eh?

I don’t know, I just see it sensible and convenient.

I finally made it with Alexa and IFTTT; it’s not a true DND, but it’s something.

Even though I would have loved to make it with only HA.

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I was able to get this to work on my Pixel 5 using the Home Assistant application and following the process defined at Notification Commands | Home Assistant Companion Docs - worked great. Now when I am at the church building my phone goes into “priority_only” mode - so cool!

HA rocks!

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PS: Tasker is also very nice and I will recommend it to others.