Setting up a attic fan

I am about to set up an attic fan with home assistant I have quite a bit of integration setup already however I am looking for a Shelly device or similar that will allow me to control the attic fan on and off as well as variable speed in home assistant

The fan is 110v/60hz ac 200 watts

Id like on/off as well as something to set it to a lower speed so it doesn’t sound like a 757 airliner is about to take off while we are watching a movie or trying to sleep.

Do you guys have any suggestions?

Motors / fans need to have a specific speed control device that is rated for the motor.
Just saying that because you cannot just take a shelly light dimmer and connect it to a motor, it may stall the motor and cause a fire.

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Does the fan already have a variable speed control?

As an example my attic fan has a manual control with a high and low setting, which just routes the 120v to a different leg of the motor.

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This. You could use something like the iFan04 ceiling fan canopy which can handle variable speed motors and is programmable in ESPHome if you choose. When dealing with fans you have to be very careful, those motors can be very dangerous if you don’t control them properly - if the motor doesn’t flame up then your Shelly might, or the wiring between them.