Setting up a development environment

I did a fresh install of a raspberry pi with Jessie Lite, then i’ve followed the Raspberry Pi All-In-One Installer, with virtual env.
Do I have to be in the virtual env before I do this;

$ git clone
$ cd home-assistant
$ git remote add upstream
$ script/setup
(hass_venv) hass@testpi:/home/pi$ 

Or logged in as Pi?

Home Assistant config files are located in: /home/hass

Uptime........: 0 days, 9 hours, 6 minutes (24-05-2016 09:18:30)            
Memory........: Total: 434MB, Used: 176MB, Free: 258MB                      
Home space....: Total: 7.3GB, Used: 1.7GB, Free: 5.3GB                      

pi@testpi:~ $ 

And, is al of this possible in Github Desktop?

You should be in your virtual environment before running script/setup.
You can be logged in as whatever user you want. Personally I have one user for HASS and another for HASS development.

My home automation runs from another Rpi.
I get an error:

(hass_venv) hass@testpi:/home/pi$ git clone
fatal: could not create work tree dir 'home-assistant'.: Permission denied
(hass_venv) hass@testpi:/home/pi$ 

Sorry to revive an old thread, but does this mean you have the release and dev versions running side by side? If so, could you elaborate on how you set that up?

I am currently running the latest release version on my RPi 3, installed with the AiO installer (so including the virtual env). I would like to set up a dev environment next to this while keeping the release version running for my day to day automation. I want to do this so I can properly test my first PR (created today), but I don’t want run bleeding edge software for my production environment.

I have two users, hass and hassev. hass runs release all the time. hassdev runs dev only when I am developing for it. hassdev is set to use a different port so they don’t conflict.

Does two users also mean two virtualenvs? Sorry for the noob questions :cold_sweat:

Yes, they don’t share anything.

Thanks, that should help me on my way! :grin: