Setting up broadlink and other remote devices

I am fairly new to HA, but i’m fairly sure i have scoured the interwebs about this.

I have added my broadlink remote to home assistant and have verified that i can learn commands and send commands via the developer tools console. However, my issue comes up when i go looking at how you are then meant to set everything else up…

Is there no other current alternative to using the developer tools service call, and making an individual script for each send command, followed by individual input helpers if you want to then add these to a dashboard?

It seems asinine that the entire process for these devices requires the use of the developer section, and manually creating scripts using text typed and copied from elsewhere…

With my limited lack of knowledge, i have spent some time looking at options to automate this process, or better yet, integrate it such that you don’t need all the “custom” parts because code takes care of it - the broadlink integration knows all its “devices” and “commands”, whilst it would be good to have the integration handle it all, i also started considering a custom integration which was simply a collection of devices with “buttons” matching the commands from learning controls. More so, having a dialog/config flow that allows me to add/delete devices or commands without needing to use the developer UI (though it ultimately would function the same, the end result however would be entities that can be used directly rather than needing to write your own scripts to use these etc.

So, before i try and reinvent the wheel here - am i missing something about this setup, or is it just these devices are low enough fruit that no one has bothered to actually polish the interaction?