Setting up push notifications (HA on Synology with Docker) index.html?

Hi again!. I’m going on adding functionality to my HA. Now I want to set up push notifications but for verifying my site (DDNS) I have to include the google verification meta tag into my HA site: index.html
The problem is that as I am running HA from a Synology with Docker I don’t know in what directory to look for it. I’ve seen on the forums the location for other kind of setups but not for synology+docker. Could anyone tell me where to find that index.html file?? Thanks!!

It seems that no one knows how to find the file index.html for my home assistant setup (synology+docker), then if someone knows of other easy ways to verify my domain (DDNS) with google please let me know it. Thanks again!!

The method explained here , this:

Verify your domain with
For verifying your domain you need to download a file in step 2.
Create a dictionary named “www” in you configuration dictionary.
Place the file (something like this: google*.html) in the “www” directory.
You can open it by going to https://yourdomain/local/exact_file_name.html
Proceed with step 3.

…does not work for me because google looks for the file in https://yourdomain/exact_file_name.html and not in https://yourdomain/local/exact_file_name.html where I am able to install and thus, it’s not useful for validation at all.
So, again, any help would be appreciated. :wink:

If you use service than you can verify your domain using TXT Record API.
This works perfect for me.

Perhaps, you can also use this option as an alternative (I haven’t tested it):

Thanks Molodax but I’m using DDNS service and unfortunately I can’t find anything in its control panel regarding ‘TXT Record API’.

Thanks again Molodax, I’ve been trying to understand this:

Example configuration.yaml entry

- /file2.html
Those will be loaded via on any page (states and panels).

But sorry, I don’t get it. what does that mean?, can I put any html file (like the google verification one) in my path directly?

Unfortunately, I cannot clarify it since I haven’t used this method, and documents are not clear as usual. The only I would recommend is to try this, it might work and if does, it will be much better then edit index.html after each update.

Thanks Molodax, I’ve tried it but to no result.
Can anybody help me with these? I’m still stucked in the google verify process just because of using docker&synology and not being able to access the index.html file.

OK, I’ve made some progress from synology ssh making use of 'docker cp’ command, now I’m able to copy the google html verification file or edit the index.html to include a metatag. Using docker import command I have a copy of the container file system in order to know where to copy the files. However, after copying the files to several folders:

  • /usr/src/app/homeassistant/components/frontend/www_static/
  • /usr/src/app/homeassistant/components/frontend/
  • /usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/hass_frontend/
  • /usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/hass_frontend_es5/

I still cannot access the files from my website and thus I’m still not able to verify with google my synology ddns site domain. I guess I still don’t know in what right folder I need to copy the google html file. Can any of the developers help me with this?? I’m sure they do know the correct folder inside the docker container where I can copy the html file to verify.

Thanks in advance, I’m really tired with this and I think I’m too close to get it but I’m also close to give up and uninstall HA to something easier for my limited knowledge. :sob::sob::weary::weary:

Finally it was much easier than I was trying!!. I didn’t need to verify my DDNS domain in that exact way, it is also as valid to write on the google verify field my domain as: and then if I put the google html file on my /docker/homeassistant/www folder it appears there and gets verified by google and problem solved!!! Finally!!

I’m just writing it down in order to help someone with docker and synology and the same problem. Hope it helps!.

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