Settings assumed_state: false with customize page

Hey there,

I just tried to change the lightning icons to the simple switch for one of my switches, by setting the assumed_state to false. But somehow this doesn’t seem work on the customize page, and I had to go and change the yaml file.
Somehow it doesn’t add
assumed_state: false
to the config, and if it does, it gets added as
assumed_state: ‘false’
which doesnt seem to work.

I would assume that pressing save here: would result in assumed-state: false getting added to the yaml, and like this to get it to true:
But the first doesn’t add anything, and the second seems to be adding it as assumed_state: ‘false’.

Anyone knows what’s going wrong?

this is from my customize.yaml. You cannot have same enity_id in customize.yaml.

      friendly_name: Kitchen Aircon
      icon: mdi:air-conditioner
      assumed_state: false

I’m not having the same entity_id in customize.yaml. The problem is that I can’t add “assumed_state: false” to a entity using the webinterface. Editing the customize.yaml manually works, but is what I wanted to avoid since we have this nice configuration panel.