Settings on a scene are executed while defining the scene

Hi community,

migrated recently from FHEM to HA and i am quite impressed. Great job!

My question is as follows:

When defining a scene to be executed some time in the future I collect all devices and define their setting inside the scene.

Doing this i realized, that those setting are immediately executed on the devices - is that intended?

If i want to change setting on a device i may do that in Lovelace or directly via developers tools.

My expection would be that defining a scene will not alter the actual settings of the scene-included devices. Those alterations should happen when the scene was saved and is executed at some point in the future.

Obfruscated me …

My understanding of a scene is you physically set the device or entity to how you want in to be in the scene in essence before you actually create the scene (setting the scene)

For example I might walk round my house and set all the downstairs light off, apart from my desk lamp, I might then set heating off apart from in my office, set a nice temp in the office etc etc

I would then once I have physically set the scene, go to home assistant, create a scene, give it a name and then include all the things I just set in that scene and save it.

So every time I trigger that scene all the devices included in the scene will revert to the state I set them in.

Of course if in home assistant creating a scene you include deceives / entities and then adjust them as you go it’s the same principle, hence why every time you change something within the scene (while editing the scene) the save button pops up as you have just changed the scene by changing a setting of the entity / device.

Hope that makes sense