Several cards overlaying side and topbar of Lovelace UI

EDIT: I just noticed the same problem with this card:

I have been using this card for a while now ;

But after the latest 2023.5 update it has a problem. It overlays both the sidebar and topbar in the UI. It happens on desktop and mobile browsers as well as the companion app on Android and iOS.
It seems the card is not really maintained anymore since the last updates were 3 years ago. I would like to dig into a bit and see if I can change it to behave properly again, but am not really familiar with html or css coding so don’t really know where to start looking in the code to fix this.

Does anyone have any idea on what might be the cause of this and give me some pointers in how to change it?

This is the effect I am talking about:

OK, so I now know it has to do with a change in Homeassistant Core which deals with z-index. I just do not know how to fix it though. Still hoping for someone that can shed some light on this issue. I know the developer of the power distribution card is working on it, jus the weather-card developer seems to not maintain anymore.
Any tips on how to start solving this myself…?

i having the same issues you have @Remko any luck how to solve this ??