Several ESP8266 becoming unavailable regularly

I have several ESP8266 in my unifi network. They become unavailable regularly (see attached video) and I do not know why. Note that these are entirely different devices, which become unavailable at the same time (so I dont think it is a wifi issue). They are even connected to different Accespoints. And: It also happens when I flash them with tasmota. I am at the end of my knowledge. Can anyone please help me?


Have you tried checking your access point/router logs? You may find more info there.

Try turning off WMM mode on the AP.

I have this as well since one of the more recent esphome releases. Flashing the same device at the same location with Tasmota gives me a stable network connection. Reproducable.

I started noticing similar behaviour on two ESP32’s that I’ve been working with. Both devices have a screen that shows WiFi strength and connectivity. When HA or ESPHome report the device as offline, the device itself is reporting connectivity with a strong WiFi signal. Based on this thread, I’m starting to wonder if the issue is related to ESPHome as I too have only started seeing this problem after a recent ESPHome update.