Several Instances over multiple Locations


I’m just starting to use Home Assistant and I have a probably slightly complicated setup.

two locations:

  • main “Home” running in a podman container on arch linux (on the Home Assistant Blue)
  • second “Home” where I’m mostly on weekends/vacations (probably a Radxa Zero → read Raspberry Pi Zero with better CPU/more RAM/more Storage)


  • one server (publicly availlable, hosted offsite) with a WireGuard Server running
    • Home Assistant Blue connects there
    • the mobile Apps connect there
    • the potential second location will connect there
    • within that VPN everything can talk to each other
  • the main home installation usually has a stable internet connection
  • the second installation will get a 4G modem (since there hopefully won’t be that much data transferred)

I was planning on using Remote Home Assistant to pull all the data from the second installation into my main installation, and Use the Mobile Apps connected to the main installation.

There is one use case however, where, when I’m in the second location for a longer period, I bring my main internet connection (which is actually a 4G Wifi Router) with me → so in that case the main installation will be offline.

What’s the best way to get this all sorted out? Connect the second installation to the app as well and switch in the app for the few times where the main setup has no internet connection? Or setup another docker container on the server running the VPN and use that as “main” installation and have every “home” behave as remote?

I hope this makes any sense and am looking forward to read how you’d approach this.
best regards

I have a similar setup and need to include my secondary home in HA. I have a spare Pi4 lying around for this that I am planning to use with a 4G modem. Although using HA for more than two years I have not come to it yet. I hope someone chime in here to give their experiences. :eyes:

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