Share SSL certificate between Home Assistant core and Configurator Add-on

Is there a “paved way” to accomplish what I’m describing in the title? I didn’t debug the host running the docker daemon yet but I’m assuming Home Assistant core is a container in there and the Configurator add-on is another.

The SSL Cert that was automatically created when installing the DuckDNS add-on through Home Assistant lives in the Home Assistant “core” container under /ssl/fullchain.pem.

An alternative to this would be setting up nginx to do ssl termination which would work for both, is that the recommended way to go about this?

I don’t understand your issue. I use hassio and the configurator addon and only have one certificate that works for both. Are you saying it’s not working? You might be overthinking it - just try it and see if it works.

I used Caddy to accomplish what you’re looking to do. It’ll generate the SSL certs automatically, no need for the duckdns or lets encrypt add-on.

How do you deal with dynamically assigned IP address from your ISP without DuckDNS? I mean, how did you set up your DNS?

I actually learned that Hassio already exposes the SSL certs via docker volumes, other containers (e.g.: Configurator) can access the same certs. It’s in the codebase for addons somewhere.

I still use DuckDNS, just not the addon.

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