Share SSL with Nextcloud

I’m running Home Assistant via Docker on my Odroid which is my Nextcloud Server (not in Dockert). I have SSL certificates for Nextcloud via LetsEncrypt and I want to use the same ones in Home Assistant. I currently manually copy and past the two certificates from the nextcloud server to the SSL folder in the HA docker container. This works fine except that each time the certificate renews (every 90day) I have to manually re-copy/paste the certificates back to the docker instance.
Is there a way to tell Home Assistant to find the certificates in the Nextcloud folder or perhaps setup a symbolic link from the HA SSL folder which leads to the Nextcloud SSL folder?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

All installation methods of HA, save 1, use docker.
Is it Container, Supervised or HassOS install?


“/usr/share/hassio/ssl” is mounted as “/ssl” in HA.
I’m not aware of a way to add additional mounts with supervised.

Depending on your letsencrypt client, there is likely a “post renew” hook that you can use to copy the certificate in that location after a renewal. I think you’ll need to restart HA as well, though (but not sure).

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You could also setup a reverse proxy and let the reverse proxy handle all the certificate stuff. Then you don’t need to copy around certificates.

Can highly recommend SWAG, it has letsencrypt and NGINX included and is extremly easy to setup.