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It’s works on my Android phone and tablet. Thanks


I got this error :

Uncaught TypeError: Class constructor HaPanelFloorplan cannot be invoked without ‘new’

Anybody who knows what to do ?


@Faecon Which browser are you using? HA 0.70?


Running 070.1


My Floorplan


As seen in an example in this topic I want to show temperature. This works, But I want to add a big “C” but this is not shown in my floorplan . What did I do wrong ?


my code:



    - name: Fans
        - fan.server_room_fan
        - state: 'on'
          class: 'fan-on'
        - state: 'off'
          class: 'fan-off'
        - name: On to off
          from_state: 'on'
          to_state: 'off'
          duration: 2

in my svg add:


not work for me


Put the big C in it’s own seperate object.


do you mean in a seperate toplayer ?


You should only give your two zeros the entity id’s name. The rest should not be linked to an entity_id in your svg document.


A separate one from your zeros.


my c has this ID:flowRoot912-8 , and my 2 zeros : sensor.temperature_158d0002376460.
They are in seperature layers. But the C is not seen …


Try moving it to the top layer then.


it is already …


Could be a missing font, or something similar as well.


Ok, then it is something wrong with your grouping. Probably is your background above your C. You need to be sure that your C is above your background in your group, else move your C directly under your layer, so you are sure it is over the background. And be sure that your background is below your C.


changed font, nothing happened, layer with c is on top … nothing happened


Tried this instead?

@-webkit-keyframes rotation {
		from {
				-webkit-transform: rotate(0deg);
		to {
				-webkit-transform: rotate(359deg);

Probably won’t work, but worth a shot. I suppose the fan component reports state on or off? (not a number in percent or something)?


What happens if you color your C to red and move it to the white space (where it cannot be be hidden under a layer)?


Ok, guys. Thanks . I did what @Zepixir said. Trial and Error, and now it works !