Shark Ion Vacuum

I would love to see this added into Hassio.

Me too! Any development on this? I can’t even find a shark SDK!

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I don’t know much about what is needed, does this help?

Has this link helped anybody, I have shared it with a few people but haven’t got any feedback from it.

@Corey_Maxim Link s above requires permission to access. What is the file you shared? may be making progress

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So I started to do some brief looking into the android app and found that shark uses this service for the backend

I have been doing some work on reverse engineering one of my Shark Ion RV750’s. I have dumped the spi flash on the wifi module, and have some other findings documented on my github and hackaday profiles. . I hope this can help people that may be more skilled at coding than myself!

Any luck with this? Super interested in local control.

actually, this has a integration in the UI now!

Shark ion vacuum is a vacuum cleaner for beginners. It’s pretty smart when properly installed. I really love this model