Shelly CoIoT push update configurator failure

I’m getting for a lot of my Shelly devices (I have about 70 - mix of Gen1/Gen2) errors about CoIoT configuration.
After inspecting the config via the web interface, I see that it is configured properly with my Home Assistant IP and port 5683 - i.e.

Any ideas on what this actually checks? Don’t know if this is a bug or something on my end so trying to understand what the best way to debug this is. Is there somewhere for example in HA that I can see the CoIot logs?

Is the error showing up as a repair - not receiving push updates or something along those lines? If so I was getting those for a couple weeks, then they just went away. My devices were all working fine. It was suggest that it was a network issue but I haven’t changed anything.

Yes they are showing up as repairs.
I validate that CoIoT is configured and ignore them - but I’m wondering why I’m getting those.
Maybe because of a WiFi Router reboot they get disconnected for example and HA can’t reach them also at that time?

I don’t have issues with my router rebooting. One thing I forgot though, I did remove the secondary WIFI configuration from all my devices. Maybe that helped? If you have one set up maybe try that?

Don’t have secondary WiFi settings…
Just saw that I do have secondary WiFi settings - I created a script to disable all of them and see what happens.

Thanks for the tip

Are these repairs still there for you guys? they popped up for me on my gen1 devices when i updated to 2023.8 but i was using mcast so i changed them to the correct ip & port and the warnings went away now they have come back about 3 weeks later.