Shelly devices cannot be discovered by HA

Bit late for that. But i turned off HA and then back on and google sent me a msg that a nrew device was added for HA with the MAC address and the ip address.

Adjusted the settings and HA has now loaded.

I now have 14 Shelly devices loaded and no devices failing to load. I have 12 shelly devices offline for some reason so will work on getting the online then be discovered by HA. That makes a total of 25-26 shelly devices.


So in getting the 14 Shelly devices online, did you shutdown the other two hubs?

No I left the other hubs online. I just waited then turned off HA and now 23/D4 devices are loaded with static IPs into HA.

So all seems stable. I will see what is thee in the Am and check if all is stable.

So for now I cross my fingers. Thanks for your help. Not to certain what I did was different.