Shelly devices - when triggered by HA becames unavailable


I have six Shelly 2.5 units that are controlling blinds for at least one year, sometimes one of them simply becomes unavailable after being triggered by an automation, and I thought that could be a problem with that unit, or even caused by automation.

But more recently, I’m also having this issue with a Shelly One that is controlling the charge of a tablet, when an automation is triggered it becomes unavailable immediately.

I found that if I manually toggle the switch in HA of this Shelly that it goes also immediately unavailable, but if I switch on the Shelly app it will works normally.

What could cause this “became unavailable” Shelly issue?


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I’m having the exact same issue!
Did you find what was causing it?

I have the same with some Shelly devices.
They seem to reboot for some reason, I guess a power spike caused by the relay. Might be connected to the load you are switching.

Check the uptime of the Shelly device after such an event to verify.