Shelly EM becomes unavailable since abt one month

Hi all, my Shelly EM has been working very well for almost one year, with no disconnections at all. Now, since about 1 month, most of the time The entity is currently unavailable: sensor.2_em_power_…
HA: 2023.1.6
Shelly EM Integration: Retrying setup: DeviceConnectionError()
The device is running OK, it is accessible from the Shelly App, from a network scan and it is also accessible via a web browser.
Never changed EM Config, so I suspect it is something related to HA, starting rel 2023…
Anyone else have the same issue? Anyone can help?

Mine is still working on 2023.1 so it must be something to do with your device or config.

Are you using the core Shelly integration?

Has your home assistant IP address changed?

If so, you will need to update the CoIoT setting in the Shelly EM. I think. I can’t remember if this device needs CoIoT to be set up.

Hi Tom,

  • Shelly integration: yes
  • HA IP Address: not changed
  • ColoT is enabled (mcast)
  • Device reboot does not change the situation
    Again the disconnection was randomic until last week, then 2 days off, 2 days on, and now agn off since abt 2 days…
    The only change was the regular HA updates…

same issue here… not showing energy consuption

Hi @kilopter same issue with the newly released Shelly Pro EM-50… Did you solve-it?