I am trying to save energy consumption of my home each hour using shelly EM. I have configured it via MQTT.
My main idea is, using the topic shellies/XXXX/emeter/0/total, save the value each hour, and then compare it with the last value in order to get the real value of the last hour.

However, the topic /total does not accumulate. For example, I save value for 10:00 and I get “200”, then when I do the same for 11:00, I sometimes get a value lower than before (e.g. “150”). I did not reset the value, nor having a power outage or something like that.

On the other hand, I have shellyplug-s which the /energy value accumulates so I would like to do the same with shelly-em but I do not know why.

Does anyone have the same problem? Thank you!