Shelly Gen 2 integration in 2022.11.0

Hi, I updated to 2022.11.0 and tried to integrate Shelly Plus 1 with outbound websockets like docs saying. But device is still Dosconnected. Shelly don’t have any logs and HA logs are silent.

What I did …

I setup in Shelly device URL wss://<domain>/api/shelly/ws and it did not work. Because my setup is behind Traefik proxy. I tried that WS go thru. So I tried from public online tool, open connection to wss://<domain>/api/websocket and HA respond after connection establish with payload saying about needed auth and HA version. So websockets going thru Traefik. I tried this over non-SSL(ws://) without luck. Is there chance, that listener on /api/shelly/ws not running? Because, it’s totally silent, no respond, no connection, no logs.

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I have same problem. Can’t get non-ssl to work at all.
All shellys are up-to-date.
Did you remember to put port also ws://<ip>:<port>/api/shelly/ws ?

Don’t need to. port mentioned in docs is default HA. Traefik proxy is pointed from 80 and 443 to this port. What I want to do is let it work with SSL. As I said, tried to look around it and it never respond. With or without SSL. Standard HA websocket API /api/websocket responding so there must by something wrong with shelly API. Grrr I hate devices without log

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Have you found any solution? I am having very connection issues with Shelly and HA and saw this configuration on Shelly Integration docs. Did you solve this issue using Traefik?

Sorry, but no. What I know there’s actually no way - maybe proxy tunnel?

I opened port 8123 in my local network and seems to be working for now but in this case, is without SSL.

Can you post how exactly you configured shelly device? I can try to get it work with wss:// when I got time

EDIT: I never got it working no matter if it was with or without SSL, I tried to debug it with some tools and HA never respond on shelly API endpoint but, maybe something changed over time

Same problem. Any solutions for setting up outbound websockets over TLS to a home assistant server?