Shelly Gen2 devices (ESP32) with Tasmota as Bluetooth proxy?

I´ve read at Kirils website that it is possible to use Shelly Gen2 devices as BT Proxy in HA. He use the native Shelly firmware. I only use Tasmota firmware and want to know if it is possible Shelly Gen2 devices as BT Proxy with Tasmota firmware and how I could configure that. Anybody knows it? Anybody use it? Please let me know how I could do :slight_smile:

The docs states that at the time tasmota is not supporting bluetooth proxy functions. You are limited to ether use the shelly firmware (without active connections) or charge your device with esphome for the full blown beauty :sunflower:

The following remote adapters are supported:

  • ESPHome
    • Bluetooth advertisement listening: ESPHome ESP32 device with firmware 2022.8.2 or later
    • Single active connection: ESPHome ESP32 device with firmware 2022.9.3 or later
    • Multiple active connections: ESPHome ESP32 device with firmware 2022.11.0 or later
  • Shelly
    • Bluetooth advertisement listening: Shelly v2 device with firmware 12.0 or later
    • Single active connection: not supported
    • Multiple active connections: not supported
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Thanks for this informations. I know that ESPHome ESP32 could do that but their is an aesthetic and practical thing: I don´t know beautiful cases for ESP32 and there is the power supply problem - all these points got Shelly: Hidden with already used power supply :).

But I´m wondering about active connection. In Shelly integration I found

Bluetooth Support
Shelly generation 2 devices running firmware 0.12 or later can act as a Bluetooth proxy for advertisements. Active or passive listening can be enabled in the options flow.

Are passive listening and Single/Multiple active connections are different things?

When the shelly firmware is capable of working as a bluetooth proxy then esphome can do it too on the same device.

I guess there is :zero: magic involved and your shelly gen2 just uses a esp32 as :brain: (your are not limited to use esp32 dev boards!)


  • passive could be for example these ble hygrometers which just blast there broadcasts into the air
  • active ones on the other hand need a initial pairing and typical keep the connection “active” to some extend. For example such ble tags with button.
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Thanks again for clarifing.

Now I understand: I could install ESPHome at the Shelly Gen2 devices :slight_smile: for having advantages from both sides. I will have a look in the future - sounds interesting.

To the differences of the two wordings: I made a mistake: I´m asking after the two different wordings on Bluetooth integration site and Shelly integration site: Both talking about passive and active - but Shelly talks about listenings and Bluetooth integration abount connections.

Yes. Passive listening just captures Bluetooth Advertisements it can “hear”. These Advertisements often contain all the relevant sensor data.

In Active mode you can establish a bi-directional connection to a device, meaning you can also send packets to that device. It’s needed for any device that can be controlled by BLE (such as Bluetooth Smart Bulbs or Smart Door Locks, etc.).

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