Shelly, incorrect domain for entities

Hi all,

I have 2 Shelly Plus 1PMs that are connected to some ceiling lights.
These used to be dumb light bulb’s, so the Shelly appliance type was set to light, the resulting entities in HA showed up as light.blah, great.
I have now replaced the dumb light bulbs with Philips Hue bulbs.
Now, I want to make the Shelly entities show up as switches, not lights.
However, I cannot find out how. I have removed the Shelly devices completely from HA, changed the appliance type to General, restarted HA and then re-added the Shelly devices. But they still show up as light.blah

This is causing me an issue, because I now have 2 light.bedroom, one is the shelly and one is the actual light.

How can I change the domain of the Shelly swtich from light to `switch?

Thanks all.

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Any ideas? :slight_smile:

facing the same issue here.

some of the information in this thread might help: Shelly relays showing up as switches instead of lights despite being configured as lights · Issue #84815 · home-assistant/core (

So, this does turn out to be due to a bug in the Shelly web interface for setting the consumption_types under the ui_data. Basically, you can set it with the web ui, but not unset it or change the value with the web ui.

Until that is fixed here’s a workaround. Delete the device from Home Assistant, then reconfigure your Shelly device manually (others mentioned using the Shelly cloud app but I preferred to do this directly to the device), then re-add the device using the Shelly integration in Home Assistant.

I was able to clear the value (“lights”) by sending the following directly to my Shelly device using a web browser given the Shelly device is located at IP address{“ui_data”:{}}

The result is that the entity domain for the device is now switch instead of light.

Thanks Mike,
Funnily enough, I’ve not been getting updates on this thread, so didn’t know anyone had replied.

I was just coming back to report that same as you, this is a bug with the Shelly WebUI.

My workaround was to deliberately set the consumption type with the API:


Then I deleted and re-added the device in HA.
Working now.