Shelly switch accessible every 2 minutes

I’ve got Shelly Plus 1 switch installed to control garage gate.
It’s been working fine till is not. HAOS can access it only for a period around 1 minute after Shelly’s reboot and later every 2 minutes for a several seconds. I can’t ping it from HAOS but other devices in the same vlan have no connectivity issues.
But in the same time, I can open Shelly webgui and ping it from my laptop.
So, wtf and what is going on here?

I am assuming you have HA and the Shelly in different vlans? Try moving it to the same vlan as HA, see if it still has connection issues.

They are in the same vlan.
HA can communicate anywhere and devices can’t communicate between each other and to other vlans. But like I wrote, I have other devices in IoT VLAN (like Shelly pro3em) and there are no issues. So, it’s not network issue - as far as I can understand it…

Update: that shelly module was set with static IP. Once I removed it (and set static DHCP mapping in router), HA was able to communicate with this module. Strange, but it works now.