Shelly1 and Garage door project

Hi Guys,

I am trying to install Shelly1 at my garage door to integrate it with HA which is all done. I now can contract the garage from HA however I can’t seem to read the state of the reed sensor that’s connected to Shelly1 to be able to know if my garage door is open or closed and the plan is to create an icon on my lovelace showing the state of my garage (open or closed).

I followed this link

however, I am still not sure how to create a lovelace like the following one.


Also this code didn’t work for me for some reason!

What am I doing wrong? sorry I am still new to HA and MQTT world.


What is the switch sensor state using the native Shelly integration?

Unfortunately there is no native one that I can use! hence my question.

This blog post may help.