Shopping List "ToDo list" with an automatic reset function

I’m currently using the Shopping List add-on as a ToDo list, where I remind myself on items I should do. For example, check the smoke alarms on the first of the month, check firmware update on a radio project, etc.

However, the Shopping List add-on doesn’t have an automatic reset function. I check off my ToDo list as the items are done, but then have to reset them manually at the end of the month, which defeats the purpose!

If would be amazing if this had a feature where it could automatically reset the ToDo list at the beginning of the month. I could then use Automations etc to trigger events that haven’t been ticked off.

Any thoughts?

You could create input_booleans for your tasks and automate them to turn on on specific dates/times (& send a notification to your phone?) and when you’ve done them you could turn them off via ui. Put them in conditional cards to only show up when they’re on.

Yea… I’m not that fully across the majority of that sort of programming!

I was looking more for an add-on that can be installed that can just do it in one, or tweak the current one. I’ve bust my Raspberry Pi so many times and had to recover from backup SD card doing those sorts of things! Appreciate the feedback though.

there is a service to add items to shopping list … then you tick them off when you do them

Yes, I understand what the Shopping List Card is for. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m looking at how it could be expanded.

There is no “ToDo” list add-on that I can see, and the Shopping List Card is the closest I can find. A simple card I can type and add fields, which I can then tick off.

The function I am suggestion would be to take the same idea, but have it have a reset function, so it can be timed to reset a ToDo list on the first of the month, for example.

My example would be several items that need to be checked once a month, maybe a couple that need checked twice a year. If this Card had a timer function to allow ticked-off items to be reset back to unticked, it would allow the list to reset back to a “not completed” state.

you can create an automation that runs on the beginning of the month to add the items to the shopping list. then you tick them off when done. and manually clear completed items from GUI. the only thing missing is a service to clear off completed items.

I am with you it would be nice to expand it, like having multiple lists for a starter.

P.S. I am using it to track HASS projects