Shorten long and unpractical nabu case remote-access link

Nabu Casa generates very long and unpractical links, impossible to remember.

I’ve tried to shorten it into some easier to memorize.
I have access to DNS panel of my domain, so have tried to create a new CNAME record like: ->
but it does not work. I mean, creation of the CNAME is fine but pinging returns some server in germany, probably the one that handles remote access of NabuCasa.
Wondeirng why that server does not simply forward request to Hassio instance.

Because nabu casa dies not proxy png. Does it work for the ha web frontend?

Or to put it another way, it is not a dns service :slight_smile:

A URL shortener (like bitly) will chop it down to something more manageable, and I’m sure some let you choose the shortcut.