Should I upgrade my Z-Wave controller?

I’ve got a Zooz ZST10 stick with the 500 chipset as the Z-Wave controller in a RPi 4 in my current setup. It’s been really solid for me.

I’m in the process of modernizing my setup, moving to a HomeAssistant Yellow. Some time ago, I bought a Aeotec Z-Stick 7, but after reading up on all the problems with the then-current firmware, I elected to put it in a drawer and wait for things to settle. This was probably a year ago.

While it seems like things seemed to get better overall, I’m getting the feeling that in general, people are still having more problems with 700 series controllers still today compared to 500’s, even with the latest firmware applied. Is this still the state of things? Is it best to skip the 700’s and look instead to upgrade to the Zooz 800 in a month or two?

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

I would get a duplicate Zooz stick and make sure you can backup old stick and restore to the new one. That’ll give you a backup.

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That’s one of the benefits I’d get from a 700 that I don’t have today. My controller locks up whenever I do an NVM backup of it and I have to restart the RPi4, so I can’t schedule backups.

I am using the Zooz 800 and it works fine. The only issue that I have with the 800 is that I have been unable to update the firmware. Supposedly it can be done directly within HA by downloading the firmware from the Zooz website or through their desktop App Simplicity/PC Controller. However I have been unable to successfully upgrade by using either of these options. I contacted Zooz support and they told me that a new upgrade is coming out this week that should resolve this,

Why change it then ?

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Good point, but mine is currently on 1.2 and 1.19 is coming this week. My assumption is that there are some useful changes.

Very good suggestion

Then read up on these changes once they’re out and see if they really improve your setup. If yes, upsate and hope for the best. If not, don’t change anything. Don’t just change the stick for the sake of change.

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Makes sense. My nr 1 concern is the ability to backup / restore my stick in case it fails. As posted earlier, I have bought a second stick (arriving in a few days) that I want to keep as backup and may even put on the RPi3 that I used before getting the Yellow Box, for just in case (and obviously not power on while the YB works). What is the best way to backup the stick ?

Really the only time you need to do a backup is after adding, removing a node. I don’t think scheduling a regular backup makes sense as it takes your radio offline and you may miss updates. My process is:

  • take a backup before adding a new device
  • take a backup after new device is successfully added

Every now and then, restore the backup to the backup stick, shutdown HASS, and then restart using the backup stick. The only way to really know if a backup is good is to test it.

I see that I did not properly phrase my question and it may be because I was used to the Universal Devices hub (Polisy/eisy)…
I fully understand the backup of HA as far as its backing up the Integrations, Automations etc, but my specific concern is to pro-actively protect myself if ever my Zooz ZWave stick fails and I need to replace it. So my question is whether the backup includes a backup of the Zooz stick (mine is 800) and that a restore to a new stick is supposed to work.
I activated the bakcup in ZWave JS UI and these show up in the Store. I ordered another Zooz 800 stick and I will try to restore one of those backups, but I still want to understand whether the HA backup includes the Zwave stick.
I created a backup in Zooz’ Simplicity software, but I am not fully confident in that software as I followed its steps to update the firmware. There was no error message, but the update did not work.
As a matter of fact, I wrote to Zooz and they wrote me back that there would be a new update this week that would address the firmware update.

The HA add-on backup will include the add-on data. If the NVM backups are in the ZUI Store (which they should be), it will be backed up. You can answer your own question by downloading the HA backup file and examining the contents of it.

If you want additional redundancy, you can download a backup of the store from the ZUI Store page. This is separate from the HA backups, so it could be restored directly from ZUI if you ever decide to move to a different install type (e.g. remote container, etc.).

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Thanks a lot