Show little menu for the different scenes of Philips Hue


I have the following code for one of the cards:

type: entities
  - entity: light.e1_hall_lumiere
    name: Hall
  - entity: light.e1_ch_rose_lumiere
    name: Bureau Papa
  - entity: light.chambre_rose
    name: Bureau Papa couleur
  - entity: light.e1_ch_bleue_lumiere
    name: Chambre Papa&Maman
  - entity: light.e1_sdd_lumiere
    name: SDD
  - entity: light.e1_gde_chambre_lumiere
    name: Bureau Maman
  - entity: light.e1_sdb_lumiere
    name: SDB
  - entity: light.e1_dressing_lumiere
    name: Dressing
title: Lumières intérieur
show_header_toggle: true
state_color: false

This line is for the Philips Hue I have in my room:

name: Bureau Papa couleur
  - entity: light.e1_ch_bleue_lumiere

I would like instead a little menu where I can chose the different flavour proposed in the Hue App normally, they have some predefined scenes. Is it possible to access them and make them selectable in Lovelace?