Show sensor data as label in Canvas Guage card

I am using the below code to display tides on a gauge using the Canvas Guage card, for the major ticks it currently has High, Falling, Low, Rising, High.
Is there a way to add a sensor data ie time to High and low

type: custom:canvas-gauge-card entity: sensor.tide_pos card_height: 200 gauge: animation: false type: radial-gauge title: Tide width: 200 height: 200 borderShadowWidth: 0 borderOuterWidth: 0 borderMiddleWidth: 0 borderInnerWidth: 0 minValue: 0 maxValue: 100 startAngle: 180 ticksAngle: 360 valueBox: false majorTicks: - High - Falling - Low - Rising - High minorTicks: 2 strokeTicks: true borders: true highlights: []

I currently have it set up as two cards but I am unsure how to insert the low and high sensor into this section of the code
majorTicks: - High - Falling - Low - Rising - High