Show_state in entities card

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I have been using the entities card with a long list of binary_sensor entities. I like to see only the icon and then the name of the sensor. I was doing this by setting show_state: false. I have the sensor set as ‘moving’ this gives nice tick icons when on or a blank circle when off.

This seems to have recently stopped working as of my last update I believe. I’m currently on 118.2. Now the state is shown so there is ‘moving’ or ‘not moving’ written next to each entity which I don’t like.

Below is the code for one of the entities cards:

  - label: Always On
    type: section
  - entity: binary_sensor.media_pc
    name: Elrond
  - entity: binary_sensor.gandalf
  - entity: binary_sensor.pippin
  - entity: binary_sensor.octopi
  - entity: binary_sensor.chromecast
  - entity: binary_sensor.google_mini
  - entity: binary_sensor.printer_wifi
  - entity: binary_sensor.envoy
  - entity: binary_sensor.light_controller
    name: LED Control
  - entity: binary_sensor.heater_esp32
  - entity: binary_sensor.powerpoint
  - entity: binary_sensor.kogan_open
  - entity: binary_sensor.kogan_1
  - entity: binary_sensor.kogan_2
  - entity: binary_sensor.kogan_4
show_state: false
state_color: true
title: Devices
type: entities

Is there a way to get this working again? or is there another way to achieve a similar look?