Shutdown Home assistant with Full storage, cannot access

Home assistant latest version or one version before on Raspberry Pi 3B +.
Have seen that my 32 Gb SD card is 100% full and decided to shutdown host and unplug the Pi for some reason. Now after plugging it back and waiting for 10 or more minutes I am still unable to access it neither from frontend, ssh, nor samba.
Is it a Home assistant issue? How can I remove some files from the SD card or access home assistant?
P.S. The storage was filled with camera uploads.

Assuming your SD card is not corrupt…

You need a PC capable of writing to Linux EX4 partitions. If you don’t have a Linux PC, spin up a VM or use a Linux live DVD/USB. You can then remove the camera images.

Linux Reader by DiskInternals free version for Windows PC can only read the data. Modifying it requires a paid version ($30 USD). Read only may be enough if you just want to copy off a snapshot or copy your config folder (and all hidden .storage folders) and start with a new install.

Thank you for your support.
The SD Card was not corrupt. The card didn’t have too much valuable data. So I could just format it.
But I thought This is not how home assistant should perform. I tried to check my hypothesis, so that others can benefit from this and home assistant should fix it.
I tried to access file system with only the raspberry pi and another sd card of mine with OSMC on it. I put my full SD card into USB adapter and plugged in to my raspberry pi with working os. I was able to mount and remove some files with that raspberry pi.
After that I put my previously full sd card to my raspberry pi and it successfully booted.
I think this should be fixed and there should be some reserve for OS to boot correctly.
P.S. The next version of Windows can mount EX4 format with WSL

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