Simple newbie question - path to folder

Hi all,

Here’s a stupid question for ya’. I just moved from a standard installation on my Pi to, and all in all most things work after having moved my old configuration.yaml to However, I have a lot of command_line switches, where I normally call various scripts from my Scripts-folder. This folder is located in my Config folder.

What path must I call in my configuration.yaml to find fx. in my Script-folder?

Thanks in advance.

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Christian_Klit, any luck getting this information? I have this same issue but havent been able to get a response from the forum either.

on, your config directory is /config, so wherever you put it inside /config is where it is…

Thanks for the help! Can you tell me what I am doing wrong with this code?


  • platform: file
    file_path: /config/speech.txt

I placed the txt file in the config folder as I see it on the windows smb share. But doesn’t find it.

What does this file do? How do you know hass can’t find it?

I get the following error in the log file.

File or data not present at the moment: /config/speech.txt
12:09 PM components/sensor/ (WARNING)

and that file is located in the root of your configuration directory where configuration.yaml is?

Yes. On my windows samba path it shows a HASSIO/config/speech.txt.

and you restarted hassio after creating the entry in config?

Yes. Restarted and rebooted the Pi.

Sorry but if you saved the file to the config folder then the path is “” cos that’s where it starts
so your line should read :-
file_path: speech.txt
unless you had created a subfolder of config called ‘letsstickithere’ to hold it, then it would be :-
file_path: letsstickithere/speech.txt
just look at your include statements for a model
The only thing I can find that doesn’t follow this model is images stuck in www
if they are python scripts you may have to ensure they are executable but this text file should be okay regardless