Simple on/off automation driving me crazy, what am I not getting?


I want tu turn on a switch controlling the boiler in my house, at a specific time, 11:00 am if an entity of forecast solar (production expected today) value is above 10.

I just can’t seem to get it working.
I’m no coder, so just using the gui for automations, but surely this can be done there.

What in the world am I missing?

The trigger is set to 11:00, and if condition to if the entity of forecast solar this days production is numretic value over 10, witch it is today, then action is to switch on switch lvv

Why is this not working?

We don’t know. Please post the correctly-formatted YAML code for the automation. Format should look like this:

description: ''

If it doesn’t look like that, don’t press the publish button.

You can get the YAML by clicking the three dots top-right of the UI screen and clicking Edit in YAML. Then copy-paste the code in here, using the code block button (</>) to format it.

From your description, you want a Time trigger for 11:00, and a Numeric State condition to check your forecast is above 10. UI should look like this, but with your forecast and switch entities:


If it does look like that, explain what you mean by “not working”. Is it triggering but not running? See the Traces under the three dots.

You’ll have to post the automation code here so we can see it. In the automation editor UI, at the top right is three dots. Click those and select “Edit in YAML” then copy the code and paste it here. It must be properly formatted as a code block though. See here: How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question


It looks exactly like troons automation.
I’ll tripple check when I get home.

Maybe I forgot to restart, I’ll get back with more info later.

You don’t need to with UI-created automations. Have a look at the traces: there should be one from 11:00 today.

Check that manually executing it (which runs the action section) successfully turns the boiler on. I assume there’s something else in your system switching the boiler off?