Simple Room Info Card, how?

Hallo everyone,
I am new to HA but not new to these kind of systems, scripting, css etc. However, I can’t find the right approach for what I am looking for:

I would like to create a very simple Room Info Card for each room and I tried a lot of the standard ones. But what comes closest to my idea of this card is what you can see on top of the screenshot.


  • Just the room name on left
  • Just some entities on the right
  • All in one line.

That’s it. I would stay with this solution (type: custom:room-card) but can’t get the font size bigger of the temperature and also the icon/temperature is moved more to the baseline. I tried css via card_mod, but it seems that only some of the styles are recognized by this card type but not font-size.

Any tips on this? Or any other suggested fronend object to achieve the stlye I described?

Maybe I have a general problem with the icons moved to the baseline, because even in the image-card overview (sorry don’t know the real english names) the icons are moved, but the circle surrounding the icon when you hover over it stays in the right place (you can barely see it in the screenshot in the bottom picture). I did not change anything in any global config etc… is this just a current bug?

Thanks for any help!