Simple travel delay notification based on device tracking and zones

Hey everyone. The HA community is amazing so I thought I’d ask how you would do this thing I’m trying to implement.

I want to send a notification to my family if I’m going to be delayed coming home from work. I think this can be done just using zones and location updates.

The first logic I thought of was “if the device is not in a zone (away) and its location does not move for 5 minutes (and it did not change to Unknown), send a notification informing of the delay.”

I’ve used gpt to get some snippets for other formulas but it was having trouble with this one. It just gave me an automation that sent a notification when the device was “not home for 5 minutes.”

I do not know how to access location updates or how to calculate that it has updated to the same location for that amount of time.

If there’s a better way to do this, let me know. I’ve been learning by example throughout this community, Reddit and GitHub, but I have not found a solution for this particular question.

Thank you thank you thank you!

P.S. I’m currently using the Life360 integration. I want to shout out the community members who found a workaround to the recent outage!

Check out the Proximity integration.

Slightly different, but I use the Google Travel integration and always send an ETA notification when I leave my work zone.

Perhaps you can get an initial estimate this way and when it changes significantly, send a notification.

Keep in mind I’m using the free tier. You’d need to condigure an automation to only calculate travel time during certain periods (when you’ll typically be commuting).


I’ve found the data from the Waze integration a good base to use for some estimates. I’ve found a number of opins and had a number of debates on how to make projections on this data. Good hunting!

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