Simplepush no longer working?

I’ve noticed the Simplepush integration stopped working a few days ago, I’ve tried rolling back to 2021.2.3 to see if that resolved the issue but it made no difference.

Is anyone else having issues as I can’t find any information about an outage or issues?

Been noticing the same thing since last release…

Try resubmitting your password in the app. I just did this and finally received a test message.

thanks @mealsowheels I tried that and it worked a for about 2 hours, now back to errors in HA and no messages delivered.

Seems to be an issue with Simplepush themselves as I can’t evenb send using the curl command on their website.

I’ve emailed the developer, will update once I get a response.

I got a response from Timm at Simplepush;

Hey Brad,

I’m currently working on the issues.

Here is a text I wrote for users:

I screwed up big time!

I am currently preparing for a new Simplepush app and it turns out that I triggered a bug in the firebase library of the existing app when I was updating the backend. This firebase bug seems to result in some smartphones not receiving notifications when the phone is in doze mode.
Now to the really embarrassing part: I can’t fix the issue in the existing app because I lost the key that is necessary to update the app. I’m completely locked out of uploading new updates to the app store for the existing app.

Therefore the only path forward from here is going full speed ahead with the new version.
It is still very much in a beta state but it should be mostly functional (events work and you can recover your keys).
However if the existing app still works for you, there is no need to switch if you don’t want to since I’ll keep having backend
support for the old app.

I’ll let you know when the new app is available. I hope it will be just a few days until it is.
Otherwise if you want a refund, please send me your order id and you’ll get your money back right away.