Simplest way to issue HTTP requests from Home Assistant UI

Hello everyone. I am currently struggling with adding my first RESTful element to HA. I have built an API which is running on a Raspberry Pi in my local network. It responds to http://myapi:8000/health and one other POST endpoint.

What is the simplest way to issue a request to a specific endpoint with a button from the HA user interface? I currently use curl to talk to the API and I want just that functionality from within HA. Is this possible?
Thanks :slight_smile:

I have managed the POST request by using shell_command, then putting this in a script and triggering it with a button. :+1:
However, I still have this health check endpoint. Is there a way to periodically trigger the respective shell_command and reflect the result in the UI? I am not afraid to code, I would just really appreciate a nod to the right doc pages or something like this. :slight_smile: