SimpliSafe Announcements Idea

As part of my home, I have Sonos equipment, a SimpliSafe security system, and of course HA.

I see there’s a HA integration to SimpliSafe and it can detect and report “events” like someone ringing my doorbell (which is a simplisafe doorbell).

Is there a voice/analog-audio output option for HA to then announce the event via the HA controller’s (PC) audio output - or any analog audio output integration for a PC - to send that audio to Sonos for me?

I guess I would still have to figure out how to get Sonos to auto-play an input to one of their devices.

Anyone do anything similar?


EDIT: I see some others have asked similar questions. Apologies if this is redundant, but if there’s any links to “current” working solutions, appreciate it here.