Since camera component changes, large Zoneminder camera's not available


Since around 0.81x I have noticed that some camera’s are not coming through to Home Assistant from Zoneminder.

I have noticed that these are the larger video streams. This started happening when the camera components moved from showing the latest snapshot in the native Hasso UI to the camera component now being included as a normal component in the group (I am not sure exactly which version this was)

I do run around 20 camera’s. When I go to Zoneminder, they are displaying correctly, however when I view in Home assistant, either in native UI or Lovelace, the camera’s are not displaying.

Any ideas?


I have two ZMs and two HAs but I only have about 10 cameras 8) Anyway, I have 0.81.6 on one HA and 0.82.0 on the other. One is a VMware VM and the other is a mini PC. Both run Ubuntu Bionic and HA is installed in a Python env. Both are accessed through a HA Proxy (for SSL offloading and other security related matters) - one HA Proxy is on an Ubuntu VM and the other is in a pfSense router.

Both of my HAs display ZoneMinder cameras correctly on my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S8) and in my various browsers: Chromium and Firefox on Linux and Chrome and Firefox on Windows server 2012 R2.

Clear your browser cache.