Skyconnect on USB over IP?

I’m hoping someone can help me with a little snag. I am running HA in Hyper-V on a W11 machine which also runs CCTV software. I ordered the sky connect to move my zigbee devices to a direct connection rather than via Hubitat (which I am moving away from).

Waited for it to come back in stock, excitedly plugged it in, only to then remember of course that hyper-v will not do usb pass through! If I get a usb over ip box, will HA on hyper-v still find the sky connect? My fallback is to use Hue hub with integration as the zigbee handler so all is not lost, but I’d rather have the skyconnect and ZHA if possible…

I use VirtualBox rather than Hyper-V and was suprised that you said USB passthrough was not suuported. In Googling to confirm, I found this, which is exactly what you’re proposing. Within that page it also references another option - this one doesn’t require any further purchase.

Thanks - i had seen those myself. I’m beginning to think if i want to bring it ‘onboard’ with HA, as opposed to via the Hubitat or Hue integrations, the most sensible thing to do is to get an ethernet zigbee radio from the off and stop trying to work around a problem of my own making!