SkyConnect - USB 3.0

The documentation states to keep the SkyConnect away from USB3.0 devices and it is shipped with a USB2.0 extension cable but, can it be plugged in to a USB3.0 port or will that cause interference?

My previous Sonoff Zigbee stick was plugged into a USB3.0 port without interference issues but I have HAOS installed on a dedicated NAS and if I need to move the SkyConnect to a non-USB3.0 port I wouldn’t know how to change that port address.

From my understanding, the USB3.0 female connector mounted on a computer board tends to radiate RF out of this connector. So if SkyConnect is plugged directly into this connector it will see a lot of this RF (which generally will interfere at 2.4GHz) as SkyConnect does not have much RF protection, whereas if it is plugged into USB3.0 using the extension cable, it won’t see nearly as much of this RF because it is indeed further away from it. So yes it can be plugged into a USB3.0, but the general practice is to use the extension cable to decrease the likelihood of RF interference.