Slow backups

Hi everyone!
I run Home Assistant in Proxmox as a VM using the Home Assistant ISO. I run a nightly backup from my Proxmox cluster to my NAS for my VM’s. Most of the VM’s run the backups at a speed of approx 30MB/s - 50MB/s but my Home assistant backup runs at 1.5MB/s ?? Has anyone else experienced this and how did you overcome it?

Here are the details of my home assistant install:
Home Assistant 2022.8.3
Supervisor 2022.08.3
Operating System 8.4
Frontend 20220802.0 - latest

My Home Assistant VM specs:
CPU 2 socket with 2 cores each
Network Gigabit. My VM network is bridged to my hosts nic and goes across a 1GB link to my switch which is connected to my NAS. The NAS is Truenas Scale.


Are you backing up the HA VM itself, or are you making a backup inside HA and exporting that to your NAS? I’ve also seen that making backups in HA are very slow (like 8-10 minutes for a 450MB backup). Do you have a way to automatically make a backup in HA and export it to your NAS? I spent a few hours trying to figure this out and did not find a solution.

Have you seen Samba Backup?