Small LED battery powered "occupied" sign

Hello community,

I’m looking for a simple way to show that the bathroom is “occupied”.

This is my current idea:

  • Zigbee Motion Sensor to define if the bathroom is occupied or not.
  • Using Home Assistant, an automation would pass the information to a small battery powered LED that would turn green or red depending on the status.

The problem is that I don’t find online any small battery powered LED that is “smart” and would work with Home Assitant.

Any ideas on how to achieve this “occupied” sign?

Thank you.

I was looking for something similar a while back. I ended up making my own WLED “box”. I took an 8x8 addressable LED panel and put it in a 3d printed box. (It was just in a small shadow box thing my wife had before I printed my own box.) Then I loaded WLED on a D1 mini and followed this basic guide.

Note: Mine is powered from a wall plug. If you use fewer LEDs, you can probably run it longer off a battery pack.