Smart Alarm System

Hi All,

I’m looking for recommendations on a home alarm system that can be integrated into HA - preferably via a local API so that I’m not reliant on any cloud connection.

I do have a bunch of Zigbee door sensors and motion sensors already hooked up to HA, so another option could be something like a Zigbee outdoor siren (then I’ll just re-use my existing sensors)

Anyone have any recommendations?

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Honeywell Vista20P with an AlarmDecoder. 100% reliable in my experience. Fully local, fully wired, and hardware recognized by insurance companies and law enforcement. A real alarm panel meets multiple certifications and can do a lot more than most people realize.

I’ve searched everywhere for an outdoor (preferably wired) zigbee siren. There were a few mentioned in previous posts some time ago, but none seems to still be available to buy. No idea why.

At this stage I’m contemplating either going full DIY route, or perhaps trying to retrofit / modify an internal siren to make it somewhat waterproof.

If you or anyone reading this finds something please let me know!