Smart Ceiling Fan using WIZ App - Integration?

Hello all,

my primary goal, is to find a smart ceiling fan that works directly with Homekit (HK), or at least with Home Assistant where I can relay it to HK. And it ships to Europe (Greece).

I have found a big variety of smart ceiling fans from a company in Spain, “Faro Barcelona”. Their fans integrate with the WIZ application. One of their smart products is this: DECO FAN Black/wood ceiling FAN LED with DC SMART motor

I am trying to figure out if I can integrate the fan to HomeAssistant, and through that to HK… I’ve found the WIZ integration on HASS, but it states that it supports only bulbs…

Will I be able to integrate this fan to HA and HK?

I’m looking at getting a ceiling fan too which I would love to integrate into HA somehow

The WiZ integration doesn’t support fans. Its probably not that hard to extend it to do so but I don’t think they sell WiZ fans in the US market so its unlikely I could get ahold of one to test with.

Isn’t it possible to add this feature at all? My ceiling fan is recognized by the Wiz APP. Thank you.

Any luck with the Faro Barcelona fans in Homeassistant ?