Smart Fan Control, retain rotary switch

Ive been trying to get my head around this one for a while.
I have 2 types of ceiling fans at home. The ones that have existing remote control inbuilt, and no switch, I have smart control using a Broadlink RM and SmartIR – the remotes are a pain so thats fixed that.

I have a few other fans that have the oldschool rotary 1/2/3/off dial. Id like to make them smart, but ideally still retain the physical switch for the wife approval factor.
I bought a Sonoff iFan02 on a bit of a whim, but havent quite got my head around whether thats the best way to go or not.

Do such things exist ? Can i use someting like a Fibaro FGD212 to control a fan, even though its technically a dimmer? Im not wed to a single device, or even the iFan, but im struggling to find other options.

The switch having physical control over the fan is a nice to have, but im OK if the switch only has “virtual” control over the fan using HA / NR automations.

I would not recommend using a lighting dimmer to control a ceiling fan simply because that is not what it is meant to do. The iFan would work with a physical switch, but I suspect a fan speed control switch would require rewiring at the switch.

GE and HomeSeer both have ceiling fan control switches, but those are Zwave like the Fibaro. Are you only looking for WiFi capable devices?

Perhaps the new Caseta fan control switch will do what you want. I do not have experience with the fan switch but I love my other Caseta switches and they are easily integrated into Home Assistant.

There is no one way to control fans, but most of them use capacitors to control the speed. As I understand it, this what the ifan02 does.

If you still want the clicky rotary switch you could use a four way rotary switch with an esp32/8266 to send messages to ha, which sends messages to the ifan02.

Yeah that was my “DIY” idea. Was just wondering if there is a better option.
Do you know much about the iFan specifically ? Would i be able to use it to power an esp ?

No, i only mention the iFan because i have one still in its box. Im open to whatever gives me the best solution. Obviously lower cost has its advantages, but thats not the only driver.

How do the Caseta devices integrate into HA? Do they need a hub?

@orphan264 or anyone else,

Can you help me out with my question above?

Sorry! I had lost track of this thread. :slight_smile:

Support for Lutron Caseta is built-in to Home Assistant, does not require MQTT or other software, and works great.

The Caseta switches do require a Hub, AND the switches do not come cheap.

However, the switches are easy to use replacements for other traditional wall switches that still look great. (my wife likes them)

The Ceiling Fan switch is a new product that I have not had a chance to purchase or use yet, but I already have a couple of places where I would like to try one.

I find the Caseta switches are worth the extra cost.

Hope this helps.

Yeah, thanks, no problem.

does the hub require an internet connection to work or is it all local?

Actually, I am not certain. I believe after initial setup they no longer need the internet, but I have not tested it. I know that I no longer need the phone/cloud app as I haven’t touched it since.

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