Smart Filament lamp with dual white

Heyy there,

I’m Sven and new to the Home Assistent community.
I want to add smart led lamps to my house.
I’m looking for lamps that give the ambiance of the old filament lamps but also give me some light if i want to read the paper.
Does anyone have good experiences with a kind of lamp for this purpose?

Greetings, Sven

I think Shelly makes a “vintage” series of light bulbs that fit the bill

Unfortunately Shelly does not make the lights where you can adjust the color temperature.

I’m not sure you can get a filament style light that also changes colour. Hue also do filament style lights and are dimmable but not temperature changeable.

I found one that can do what i’m asking and is Hue compatible.
For anyone who wants them to:
Icasa Led filament adjustable white