Smart gateway Watermeter

Goodday, I’m trying to set up the Smart gateway Water meter.

I have it connected to the newly installed MQTT server, got the mqtt broker running. Trying to setup it with this config Watermeter uitlezen met Home Assistant –

But I cannot seem to get this running. Does anyone have this setup and want to share how they did this?

First step in debug is checking if there’s any data coming into the mqtt server. Since you state that it’s newly installed that would be my first step. You can use a desktop viewer like MQTT Explorer

I’ve got it working. In the setup of the watermeter I added a prefix (watermeter) that was not needed. I was reading out /watermeter but because of the prefix it was logging to /watermeter/watermeter. Therefor I got no data. Found that out by enabling debug logging in mosquito. Removed the prefix, now it works.